Probably the World's Most Exclusive Tourist Destination
Capital: Thimphu
Airport(s): Paro
Main Language: Dzongkha (official language) & Nepali
Electricity: 230V
Time Zone: GMT +6
Dialling Code: +975
When To Go: March to May & September to November

The Kingdom of Bhutan is virtually all mountainous apart from a small strip in the extreme south of the country. It's capital Thimpu is largely unaffected by the outside World as is the remainder of the country. this is largely due to Bhutan being all but closed to travellers other than those on organised tours. Closely related to both Tibet & India. A relatively stable economy it is the strongest in the whole of South Asia.

"In a response to accusations in 1987 by a journalist from UK's Financial Times that the pace of development in Bhutan was slow, the King said that 'Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product' ".

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